R…Rajkumar Movie Review

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R…Rajkumar Movie Review

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R...Rajkumar Movie Review

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Release Date:
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Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi SinhaSonu Sood, Ashish Vidyarthi, Srihari
Prabhu Dheva
Viki Rajani, Sunil Lulla
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R…Rajkumar is the worst film of the year .

Shahid Kapoor plays R…Rajkumar. The R.. was meant to be Rambo. The name was axed because of copyright issues. It is now Romeo. It makes no difference. This is a role that will, and should, haunt Shahid Kapoor: it is empty of all sense and sensibility. Shahid Kapoor presents a head full of carefully streaked hair, cultivated stubble, puckered lips, and swinging fists. He mouths crass dialogue. He thrusts his pelvis. His idea of romance is to stalk and harass and bludgeon his girl into submission, and his idea of vengeance is to batter bodies till blood spurts.

The biggest reason why R…Rajkumar is a big disappointment is that there is no surprise element in the film. One could easily predict the entire plot of the film. But director Pradbhu Dheva can’t be blamed for this let down. He made a similar film with Akshay Kumar (Rowdy Rathore) and earned over Rs. 100 crore.

Like Prabhu Dheva’s other Bollywood films, this one too has a South Indian touch. Fast paced scenes, quirky item numbers and a hero who could beat just anybody.  The story is set in the backdrop of a village where two drug mafias are battling it out to become the sole king of the business in their area. Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor), who works for one of the mafias, has so much power that he could beat 100 goons in one go. However, he and the mafia he works for fall in love with the niece of the other mafia.
Other disappointment of the film is its comedy. The director has tried very hard to make audience laugh, but failed badly.  The unconvincing, many a time awkward and garbled comedy scenes, are only made to test one’s patience.
With a lean body, Shahid Kapoor is looking a bit odd in this role. In some scenes it looks unbelievable that a lean boy is beating up goons who are three times more powerful than him. Shahid can give much better performance that he has given in R…Rajkumar.
Sonakshi Sinha seems to be playing the same character since her debut in Dabangg except for a few films. It’s time she should start experiment with her roles otherwise she will become a few films wonder. Sonu Sood has also impressed with his performance.
Music is impressive and will stay in your playlist for a few weeks.  Gandi Baat and Sari Ke fall sa have already become favorite of youngsters. On the flip side, too many songs only added to the film’s length.
we suggest if you are big fan of shahid kapoor then only watch this  movie and  others dont waste your money watch at home
Ratings : 2*/5*
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